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Sabra Israel

Sabra Israel

The office of Sabra Foundation is situated in Afula in the north part of Israel. Sabra House is a very pleasant building, cool and spacious, with wonderful views across the Yesreel Valley (and the plain of Armageddon). Many friends and supporters of Sabra come to the House and many new friendships and contacts are established. It provides a wonderful resource for the future ministry of Sabra in the Holy Land. However Sabra’s work is already spread in some other places of Israel.

The goals and objectives of Sabra in Israel have many things common with the work of Sabra in Siberia. The economical situation in today’s Israel is very difficult: it is getting very hard to find any job, threat of acts of terrorism etc. God leads us helping those who have hard times now.

Current activities in Israel include the following:

Helping the poor and needy people (poor families and new immigrants from Morocco, Russia and countries of former Soviet Union, Ethiopia, Romania, Lithuania; invalids, homeless people, alcoholics and drug addict people) with medicines, food and clothes (clothes are received from Israel and abroad). The clothes, food and other aid are kept and distributed in the Sabra House. Sabra workers and volunteers are helping to run a household to old and disabled people.

Helping children by support of boarding schools and also helping children living in poor families.

Teaching the Jewish roots of faith, understanding and celebrating Shabbat and the Festivals and

other meetings for study Scriptures is a necessary in Israel. Many of those who came are still as far away from faith and estranged from their Jewish roots. Volunteers are coming to Sabra House for a certain time and they are helping the needy in their homes and in Old People’s Homes. Also Sabra is receiving groups that are coming to visit and to pray together, to learn more about Children of Israel about Israel and why it is important to be connected with the chosen.


Holocaust Survivors

Every month the Holocaust group holds a meeting in Sabra House to celebrate people’s birthdays, remember their families, share their pain, sorrow and past. Sabra comforts them.

You can be a partner with us in this holy work. If you would like to help, or if you need more information, please contact us.

Address: P.O.Box 7644, Afula 18710, Israel
Tel: +972 46491014, Mob: +972 54 2815728

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