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Sabra Russia

Sabra Russia

Siberia and the Russian Far East it is a vast region located in the eastern part of the Eurasian continent. It occupies almost 70% of all the territory of Russia. The major cities of the region are: Novosibirsk, Omsk, Khabarovsk, Vladivostok and Yakutsk. Sabra office is based in Novosibirsk. The cities are far distances from each other. The population is concentrated around these cities as life outside of a city is very difficult especially in winter season. This Siberian region has cold long winters with the temperature going down as low as -40 C.

Siberia is significantly distant from the central part of Russia. This region has been a place of exile for generations of Jews. Often persecuted, without access to Bibles or teaching, many have been assimilated into a completely secular society. But now, by His Grace, the promises given to their forefathers are being fulfilled and many of the Jewish people are coming back to Him and returning to the Holy Land. Sabra is a young and dynamic ministry, which is determined to remain faithful to the vision that brought it into being.

Current activities in Siberia include the



Sabra builds a Bridge of love and understanding between the Jews and Christians.


Sabra fishermen seek out the Jews, providing information about aliyah and encouraging them to go, supporting them in the arduous processes of finding the necessary papers and approvals, providing fares and accommodation to get to the airport and seeing them off well prepared for a new life in the Promised Land.

Teaching Jewish Roots

Sabra brings Jewish people back to their real roots through teaching Scriptures, Jewish tradition, Shabbat meetings, festivals and Hebrew classes. 

Roma has blood cancer and now is in the hospital with acute attack of his disease. You can see the signs of the drips after chemotherapy treatment

Roma's house where he returns after monthly chemotherapy.


Sabra’s help to invalids, elderly, poor Jews and families includes: food, clothes, medicines, medical equipment, and other basic supplies to the needy. Financial and practical help is also provided to Jewish communities. Sabra provides ‘Warm houses’– a delicious home cooked in a warm apartment every week.


A few orphanages and orphans from poor families are supported by Sabra. The help includes: clothes, medical rehabilitation and diagnostic equipment, food, hygienic items, toys, stationary etc.

You can be a partner with us in this holy work. If you would like to help, or if you need more information, please contact us.

Address: Sovetskaya str., 20-27, 630099, Novosibirsk, Russia.
Tel/fax: +79139515860/ +7(383) 2227670

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