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«Do not withhold good from those to whom it is due, when it is in the power of your hand to do so».
Proverbs 3:27

Israeli School


Some of Israel's schools are in desperate need of renovations

The provision of Humanitarian aid is essential to every aspect of the work of Sabra in Siberia and Israel. Conditions there are dire for most of the people that Sabra helps. They are very poor, old, physically handicapped people; children are living in extremely harsh conditions with scant food, clothes, medicines and housing provision in the severe cold climate of Siberia; people who have come from the former Soviet Union and other countries and who are now in great need and having many children families, disabled people, homeless people in Israel.

The economic situation in both countries is quite difficult and it has its effect mainly on the most unprotected members of society. A few isolated cases of help turned to the systematic monthly activities in providing of food, clothes, medicines and medical facilities for rehabilitation of old, disabled and poor families in Siberia and in Israel. It is touching to see how our friends have tears on their eyes when they get a medicine or clothing which they couldn’t afford before. Sabra workers and volunteers help to run a household for many of old and disabled people in Israel as well as in Sabra. Every time Sabra’s help is giving a ray of hope bringing joy into their lives.

Thousands needy people in Siberia got dressed by Sabra for last 10 years. Distribution of humanitarian aid goes hand in hand with spreading the word about God’s plan for sons of Israel. Beside of distributing of clothes, food and medicines Sabra is supporting some other programs:

  • Home cooked meal for poor people, weekly Shabbat meal and Festival meal,

  • Transportation facilities for disabled and ill people to doctors, hospitals etc.,

  • Support our needy friends financially in case of emergency: urgent operation, funeral and the like,

  • Sending of humanitarian goods to the remote regions of Siberia and the Russian Far East (together with clothes and medical equipment we are sending Scriptures),

  • Helping in household to the most helpless and disabled Sabra-friends (cleaning, shopping, cooking etc),

  • "Sabra helpline" — encouraging and moral support (phone is the only one way to hear and to be heard for bedridden people),

  • Support of Holocaust Survivors: Every month the Holocaust group holds a meeting in Sabra House to celebrate people’s birthdays, remember their families, share their pain, sorrow and past.

  • Financial support of 2 Synagogues and 2 schools in Afula. 

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