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“He will set up a banner for the nations and will assemble the outcasts of Israel, and gather together the dispersed of Judah from the four corner of the earth” Isiah 11:12

«See, I will bring them from the land of the north…»
Jeremiah 31:8

As the Lord continues to fulfill His prophetic agenda, Sabra workers are travelling into remote parts of Russia’s formidable terrain. Such territory takes in regions of the Siberia and Far East. The search for Jews in the northern lands starts in the big cities and expands to the villages. Usually Jews of elder generation prefer not to tell anybody about their Jewish roots.

As a result many of young Jews that we have found in the remote villages have not any ideas about their origin heritage. And so they neither know Torah, Tradition, language nor about possibility to go back to Israel. That is why our workers and volunteers find the Jews and give them all the needed information about Israel and the possibility to do Aliyah — the ascent to Jerusalem.

The task was, and still is, a huge hardship. As well as extreme temperature, there are long distances and bad roads. Transport from the cities to the many remote places where Jews are living is one of our problems. Fishing teams are using trains, cars, and buses. On fishing trips, visiting small towns and villages, we ask the local administration if they would help us in our search for Jewish people. We thank God for their help and sympathy. We pray that the Lord will open up ways to find Jewish families.

The other parts of our work for "the ascent to Jerusalem" are consultation and help the Jews in their move from the northern land home to the Promised Land. Many Jews especially those who live in villages don’t have the means for existence. The only possibility for them to go to Israel is our help:

  • Work with archives and restoring the old documents to confirm Jewish origin,

  • Payment and help for trips to the consul,

  • Payment for trips from their places to Novosibirsk and for their luggage.

The outworking of the vision is in some ways different in Israel. The Aliyah part there is about receiving and helping Olim on arrival in different ways, and helping those in need who have been in the Land for some time.

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