• Mordechai ben Ya'akov

The real support of children

Thanks to your generous donations you enabled us to help a whole class of graduated youth from the boarding school. These students came to live in the boarding school when the court decided that their parents no longer could take care of them. At young age they suffered and now after successfully finishing their studies, they have been enrolled straight in the Israeli Defence Forces.

Sabra bought for them Army backpacks, toiletry bags and toiletries. Just a minimum of support, but such encouragement. You see, it is our duty and privilege to take care of these.

The Head of the school in Givat Hamore received from us a part of the financial funds needed for their immediate projects we wrote you about a couple of weeks ago. They started their renovation, but much more money is needed.

Do you also remember the trip for the girls from the boarding school in the South? They are eagerly looking forward to this trip, but not all funds are covered yet.

Thank you so much for your faithful prayers and support. Without these we are like grasshoppers in the sight of our enemies.


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