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  • Mordechai ben Ya'akov

Children of Israel are coming back home

Earlier this year we informed you that Sabra is cooperating with the Administration of Afula, to receive the New Olim (New Immigrants) in the Sabra House. They stay with us until they find their own accommodation.

You need to understand that this is a very special and important thing. About the New Oleh (immigrant) is written a lot in the Scriptures, for example in Isaiah 11:12 and Isaiah 49:22.

(On the photo from the left to right: a family from Ukraine, Mordechai Klimer and a repatriate from Russia)

When they arrive in the Land, the beginning is not easy. They change their place, their country. They need to learn a new language; adapt to a new culture; get used to a new climate: everything is different.

In the meantime it is necessary to build themselves up: finding their own home/flat; getting an understanding of the various parts of society/system: the banks, shops, transportation. They find themselves in difficult situations. Families with little ones or elderly people, for the first time in their lives exchanging their area for a new life in the Land of Israel.

Here in Sabra we aim to give them an oasis of peace. Not to break their head, but by giving them the opportunity to quietly eat, rest and wash their clothes. Volunteers with a very open heart are helping and with much love and patience they give to those wonderful people the good feelings.

Thanks to you, who are praying, supporting and encouraging!

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