• Mordechai ben Ya'akov

LOURIE Evgeni and Helen

This is the story of Lourie family who had come to Israel from Ekaterinburg city of Russia – the Urals’ region, where lays the border between Europe and Asia.

Evgeni – the father of the family, studied in the United States in a high school of Westland, state of Michigan. Later on, in the elder age he graduated from an American International School of Luxembourg. Having obtained a degree in economics, he worked in a company manufacturing various wooden products.

Helen – the mother of the family, has a degree in political science and had been working in Russia with advertising and marketing.

There are also two kids – nice young boys – Kirill and Artem, 11 and 5 years old accordingly.

The Lourie family’s path to Israel began with an arrival of family’s friend from Israel to Evgeni's parents house. He was telling different stories about the country, about the opportunities the repatriates have there.

At first, Evgeni's parents got very keen on the idea to repatriate especially due to the fact that Evgeni's grandparents repatriated to Israel in early 90s. Unfortunately, grandfather died very soon in Israel and did not put to life his dream to gather the whole family in Israel.

However, Evgeni's parents decided to postpone with repatriation idea, but Evgueni and Helen on the contrary caught up this idea and step by step started to put grandfather’s dream to life: they have started Hebrew learning, attended seminars by Sohnut, took part in Jewish celebrations in Synagogue, kids attended Sunday school.

It has taken more than 2 years of preparations before the Lourie family has stepped on the Promised Land.

"What a pity that my beloved grandfather will not be able to hug his great-grandchildren here, in our land ,but we are happy that his dream has come true- his descendants back to the Promised land " : told us Evgeni.


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