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Paramonov family

Maria, Dima and their son Arsenij (9 years old) have come to Israel from Chernomorsk city which is

nearby Odessa, Ukraine.

An idea to repatriate had come up with Dima’s father in the early 1990s, but at that time the family

decided to stay in Ukraine.

The head of the family (Dmitry) had been studying in the Academy of Construction, where he mastered

in economics. After studies had been over Dmitry got employed at an oil refining company, however,

the political events in Ukraine and the following cuttings at the factory had led the family to make a final

decision to repatriate to Israel.

Maria’s parents have taken the decision of moving with great anxiety because they were frightened of

separation with daughter and their loved grandson, but in spite of everything, young couple made the

final decision: raise children, to work and self-realization in Israel!

The family was preparing for repatriation for about 1,5 years – these were 1,5 years of collecting the

necessary documents, these were the 1,5 years of hopes and expectations.

These young people have a positive look, they see in Israel a lot of opportunities for self-fulfillment,

career development, a lot of ways to make their dreams and longings come true.

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