• Mordechai ben Ya'akov

The Story of Vitaly and Marina

Vitaly and Marina, both 25 years old, with their 3 years old son, Kiryl, came to Israel from Gomel, Belarus. They didn’t come because of lack of alternatives, nor because a difficult situation – they came to Israel out of a deep love for this country. Presently, they are with us at Sabra House in Afula.

Back in Belarus, Vitaly worked as a truck driver. They are observant of the Jewish traditions. A few years ago, Vitaly began going to a Synagogue on their city, where the rabbi there had a very innovative approach towards the young people, thus bringing them closer to Judaism. After a while, he received a scholarship so he could study in a Yeshiva – Rabbinical School.

They lived in a very small salary, but Marina supported her husband’s decision. When Vitaly finished his studies in the Yeshiva, they decided to make Aliyah, to immigrate to Israel, leaving their families behind. Vitaly’s parents are also observant of the Jewish tradition.

Vitaly has a profound knowledge about Israel, and knows some Hebrew, which actually helps in the process of adaptation to the Land. They love to help, even in whatever they can in Sabra House.

Their Ulpan – Hebrew Class – is very close to The Sabra House, so they keep in touch. When we needed to help another family move out to their newly rented home, Vitaly and Marina came right away to help.

It is so encouraging to see these young families coming to Israel, just because they love the Land of our Forefathers; Just because it is G-ds command: that is called Zionism, true Zionism!

Help Sabra Fund continue to help more families like Vitaly, Marina and Kiryl!

“In those days the people of Judah will join the people of Israel, and together they will come from a northern land to the land I gave your ancestors as an inheritance.” Jeremiah 3:18


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