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Rosh Hashanah 2016

“Dip your apple in the honey, its Rosh Hashanah!”.. this is a line of a happy song which you can hear during the past month of Elul. Elul is the last month of the Jewish year, in where we, the Jewish people check ourselves and make things right with each other and with our Creator. In Jewish tradition we learn, that the deeper you put your apple in the honey, the more sweeter the coming year will be.

Another symbol is the pomegranate. Those beautiful fruits with many rooms and hidden seeds inside; corresponds with the many merits we can do during the year to come. Rosh Hashanah is an important feast on the Jewish Calendar and Sabra holds it therefor dear to her heart to make sure all of the Holocaust survivors, the elderly and the sick, the large families and the New Olim can celebrate it in their homes and that the school children will learn about it in their schools.

Weekly Food Packages & Special for the Feast

Sabra continues to help the sick and elderly, large and needy families and New Olim quite a lot.

We didn’t wrote about it in our last letters, but you need to know that feeding the poor is an ungoing task, which we in Sabra find very important. Now that the New Year is here, we also want them to be included. They need to know they are not forgotten! So Sabra worked tirelessly to prepare for them nice gifts with apples and honey and Food Vouchers. Our volunteers shared they met grateful people, who welcomed Sabra with open arms, or those who came to Sabra House left with a glad heart.

Honey & Apples for the Schools

The schools held a special Rosh Hashanah celebration, to educate the children about this delightful Feast. Sabra helped them to organize it, by providing Honey and Apples and Financial support.

Thanks to you, dear brothers and sisters we could give them a joyful and educational event. Our prayers for them: May our Creator bless all these wonderful children and their families and their teachers with a Sweet and Good New Year!

Home Visits

Mordechai Klimer went to visit the Holocaust survivors each in their own home and shared: “Many of them are very ill. It is so important to show them love and attention; to spend precious time with them, listening to their stories, their heart and I on my turn, shared with them from my heart. Now more then ever they need to be encouraged and as this is the year to be strong and courageous, I blessed them with exactly that and with Food Vouchers. Please dear brothers and sisters, these wonderful people; they need your prayers!”

Rosh Hashanah Celebration in a city hall

A few days ago Sabra organized in co-operation with the Administration of Afula a Rosh Hashanah banquet in the Conference City Hall. Our guests were many poor, large families with their children; elderly and sick; New Olim from Tribe of Menashe with their children. What a lovely atmosphere it was: people happily talking together and children playing with each other. Speeches by the mayor and vice mayor of Afula: warm words towards Mordechai and the team, who worked it all out together.

Good food and drinks were being served and each family received a nice gift bag, filled with goodies: Food Vouchers, honey and a special card.

Help to synagogue

Continuously Sabra also helps nearby synagogues with financial support. They know the families that need help; so they distribute among them these love-gifts with much blessing.

Family of a child with complex challenges

Their youngest child needs special food and medical equipment to survive. Sabra helps this family for many years and also this coming New Year we support them. It was very special to bring them our Rosh Hashanah gifts; seeing their joy and gratefulness filled our hearts with praise to our Creator who enables us to bless those poor and needy.

Dear Friends,

We write to you with joy in our hearts. You who enable us to continue giving support to the needy in our area. You who help us to build this bridge of prayer, love and mercy. You who helped Sabra to help at the closing of this Jewish year 5776, while we were standing on the brink of the new Jewish year 5777. This past year you fulfilled wonderful mitzvot (commandments), by helping us. May our Creator continue to help, assist and bless you and yours, while you do good deeds towards the poor in the Land, together with us. B’Yachad!

Our team and Mordechai Klimer heartily wish you a good and sweet new year: LeShanah Tovah UMetukah!

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