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Sabra Fund & Aliya in Afula

Afula, located in the Galilee, became a point of attraction to which New Immigrants, especially from the former Soviet Union countries. We gladly update you on the latest developments in our activities bringing the Jewish People back to the Land of Israel.

The Aliyah Department of Afula Municipality began working hand by hand with us at Sabra Fund, and in July 2016 the Aliyah Project was started, receiving a few families. (pic1)

Sabra Fund receives at part half of these families at the Sabra House. In November and December 30 new families of Olim – Jewish New Immigrants – became the new citizens of beautiful Afula – all of them, were received at Sabra House.

When they arrive in The Promise Land, these newcomers don’t have an apartment upon arrival; thus the need to accommodate them. Therefore they come to us, and stay for maximum 2 weeks.

We have capacity to accommodate at least 15 families every month – not at the same time. In Sabra House, the Olim receive a room for the entire family ( pic 2), with a small refrigerator, supplied with dairy products for one day.(pic 9,10 )

Also, during these 2 weeks with us, we provide them cooked meals, help in finding an apartment, also with the bureaucracy and paperwork.(Shabbat with Olim in Sabra House –pic 3,4,5 )

When they move out, Sabra provides the transportation as well – of their belongings and of donated furniture and appliances.(pic 6,7,8 )

All that demands great financial commitment from our part, and we love to help them! Some of their stories, just move us to tears.(pic 11)

You can be a part in fulfillment of Prophecy today! Help us continue to help these Olim, who are obeying G-d’s command to Return to the Land of their Forefathers.


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